Friday, September 25, 2009

Leaving for Katy Trail 225 mile bike trek

So I leave in 1 hour for the Katy Trail in Clinton. We'll be riding 225 miles on our bikes from Clinton, out past St. Louis to St. Charles. Then we'll be taking a train back to KC on Tuesday next week. The trek will be a ton of fun, as I'm going with 2 friends from work. What will not be so fun is being away from Sam and Sariah. Sam just came by my work to get my car (it's got the bike rack) and then she'll be picking me up at the train station with it.

Anyway, Sariah was with Sam, and she is just so sad to leave and not get to bring me with her. Normally it would be ok, but it's Friday and I'm not going to see her until Tuesday. She'll probably grow a 1/2" by then! She was crying and reaching out for me with both hands when I walked back into work to finish my final hour before leaving for the ride. *sniff*

I'll try to post some fun pics of the trek, so stay tuned!

Test blog

Testing that I can blog from my iPhone. I will be blogging from my
bike trek this weekend!

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