Monday, June 29, 2009

Corporate Challenge

I was up until 1:30am last Friday night going to See Transformers 2. A pretty crappy movie, imho. I was disappointed in the plot, the directing, and the confusion that ensued. In parts it was kind of like the people who made it were saying to themselves, “Ok, let’s have them do this.” And they didn’t stop to think how it would look to the audience, and that we would go, “That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of.”


However, the action and special effects were out of this world! I wish we could have followed what was going on a little better. The first movie was definitely better.

Ok, back on topic: I had to get up Saturday morning at 5am to go to the final Corporate Challenge event. I slept in until 5:50, so my morning was pretty rushed! We met down at Longview Lake for the event at 7:30. We were the first pull to take place in our division, so we had to dig holes in the sand to put our feet in.

Here is us digging:


We dug in and pulled for all we were worth, and won the first tug! Then we won our 2nd pull 20 minutes later. Then we kept on winning until we were in the final round! (and the team we were pulling against had lost 1 round already against another team).

Before event - Corporate Challenge

We were still undefeated. We pulled for all we were worth, but we thought that we were winning when the timer was running out, and when it ended it turned out that the other team had more of the flag than we did. During that round, I was pulling for all I was worth, but my grip was shot and the rope kept slipping through my gloved fingers.

But that was our first loss, so we got another shot. So we took a small break and then went at it again. This time we were ready! We pulled hard at the start, and then set in and held on for the duration of the time left on the clock. The other team kept trying to pull it from our grip but they couldn’t do it and we won the GOLD!

Yay for BATS and the Underdogs!!!

Underdogs Go For Gold

We finished 9th in our division (out of 27 teams).

Today is Monday, and I still have injuries from this event. Mostly in my legs. My left calf is still locked up, and it’s very painful to climb stairs… or walk… or jump even.

But the glory is worth it.


  1. No complaining!! You should have stretched!

  2. It looks like your head may also be swollen.

    Sweet Victory!