Thursday, November 25, 2010

California Trip Blog Post #01: Flight 1


Today I fly to California to meet the family. I have a layover in Denver, then fly on to L.A. I had my buddy Rob pick me up at the house, then we headed out for lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant. I was just finishing eating, then planning to head straight for the airport, when Sam started texting me with last minute requests for things to bring from home! No, I wasn't planning to go back, but apparently she'd told Sariah I'd bring her favorite bear with me, then never asked me to bring it. :)

It turned out I didn't end up having to go back, but it added some stress to my trip thinking that Sariah might be at the end expecting me to be holding her bear in my hands for her.


I'm on the plane now, waiting to head to Denver. The captain has been standing up front playing the harmonica over the speakers for us. He's very good! I'm sitting in the back between a couple of people (yes, I'm in the middle... That always seems to happen to me. No window, and no isle).

The flight attendant is smoking a cigarette while giving the safety spiel. That's a first! Now she's going into coughing fits, still giving the safety speech. I'm laughing hysterically, while the girl next to me (named Donna) looks on in horror. I wish I'd gotten the whole thing on video! Man was it good Pre-flight entertainment!

I ended up spending most of the flight chatting about random things with Donna, then showing off pictures of our families that we had on our phones. That was also a lot of fun. Traveling makes me remember that there are a lot of very interesting people in this world. It saddens me that there just isn't enough time to meet them all, let alone have a decent conversation with all of them! It's also kind of nice talking to someone that you know you're never going to see again. Some people, no doubt, think it a waste of time to do so. I feel otherwise.

Here's me and donna, just hangin' out.

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