Thursday, November 25, 2010

California Trip Blog Post #04: Day 2

It's 9pm on my 2nd night here, and I'm already in bed and blogging. We're all still tired from traveling. We didn't do much today, mostly just hung out and talked to my awesome Grandma Ransom ("Big G" as I call her. Though she's actually quite tiny, and weighs maybe 45lbs. She's called Big G because she's got about 400 grand kids. :)). Anyway, nothing else much to say about today, except that we ate a cool mac & cheese casserole that Big G made, and it was really great. We also went grocery shopping, and walked around grandma's yard to see what had changed since last time we were here 2 years ago. It's so beautiful in this area of California!  Grandma has orange trees, apple trees, lemon trees, and all kinds of other fruit trees and plants growing on her land here. It's fun to just walk around to see what all she has going on. 

Tomorrow Joseph comes in around 4:30pm, and my parents get here not long after that (5ish).  Should be a great time eating and catching up with everybody!

This pic is me and Sam. Only she didn't know I was taking it. Was kind of fun to sneak a shot in!

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