Thursday, November 25, 2010

California Trip Blog Post #03: Landed

It's ten o'clock on my 1st night here. I flew in and met Sam and the kids at the luggage recovery place. We drove around L.A. for a bit looking for a place to get a bite to eat. Panera Bread sounded great, and we were headed to one, but then Sariah kept yelling from the back seat that she HAD to have French fries. The little stinker. In order to placate her, we found a Burger King and ate there. Traffic was it's usual horrendous self for L.A., leaving me in a suicidal state by the time we'd gone 11 miles (which took an hour to do). Once we got off of 405 and onto 101, it was pretty smooth sailing. Though it started to rain, and everyone was still driving like a maniac, except they'd all slam on their brakes any time there was even the slightest curve in the interstate. Lame. 

This pic is Sariah being shy at dinner and showing off her BK toy:

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