Thursday, November 25, 2010

California Trip Blog Post #05: Day 3


Grandma, cousin Tami, and aunt Carin were up early today to start prep for Thanksgiving dinner. We're going to have quite a feast!  Here is a video of them making stuffing: I'm having trouble getting the video to upload.

The video was taken at the end of a fun cooking session where Grandma was instructing Tami to just put in a few shakes of this and a pinch of that. Then Carin would say, "No, we need to measure it!" and look over at me like "These people are nuts!  You can't cook by just throwing spices into a bowl!"  Then Tami would be like "I don't know what to do here... I'm just trying to get it made!"

I was spending a lot of time laughing, but as soon as I thought to pull out my phone to take a video, everything was calmed down. This should be a great meal!

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